Sat run volunteers

May 13th, 2022 by in Everything

Hi all, Jodi from Gotta Run is having an event tomorrow at MOC. If anyone feels like helping out, let me know. 9am at MOC. Likely sweeping (slow bike ride) or whatever she needs. She’ll get you some awesome lunch from Taphouse and should be done by 1pm.



Sat Ride and FYI, running race at MOC Sat am & River is open!

May 12th, 2022 by in Everything

Weekend ride will be at 2pm Saturday. There is a running race event in the morning on Saturday so best try and ride after that if possible.

And the Taphouse Pub will be there for the race doing their famous Smash Burgers. So us cyclists can see if there are any left-overs from the running race if you feel like a pre-ride (or re-heat-post-ride) burger. Yum!

AND I had my first swim in the river today after a run. Wow, that was awesome. MOC has it all going on…fireplace in the winter, river in the summer! The new trail (Happy Trail Part2) is packing is really well. Hopefully another new build soon. Amazing…


Happy Hour “touch up” Friday at 1:30pm

May 6th, 2022 by in Everything

I’m heading out to do some small upgrades to Happy hour this aft at MOC. Nothing big, just two spots that need a bit more of a berm to hold fast lines!!!

If anyone wants to dig/help out for an hour and a bit that would be awesome. Again, it’s a small project so we don’t need a big crew…

1:30pm-3pm at MOC.




Sat 11am ride…MOC

May 5th, 2022 by in Everything

Change of pace. 11am start on Sat morning. Then lunch and refreshments after. See you at MOC for an awesome weekend of trail & friends!


The weekend! Saturday DCF clean up day, Sunday MOC Ride

April 29th, 2022 by in Everything

As DC is hosting a DCF clean up/trail maintenance day that TVG will be at to show support and appreciation for DCF trails, the ride will be Sunday at 1pm. Looks like warm temps and some drizzle but that makes for awesome trail conditions so we are going out to have some fun.

DCF clean up is Sat at 10am.

Ride is at 1pm Sunday starting from MOC. Let’s check out the new berm…who doesn’t love that stuff!


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