Weds DCF log tidy up

June 26th, 2022 by in Everything

Hi Folks, I’m planning on heading out Weds the 29th at 12pm (meet at MOC) to take care of the new trees down in DCF (and one in MOC). Two of them will hopefully become log-overs and the rest cut out. I could use a few extra hands is anyone is available. Not a big trail project, just driving around and tidying up so 2-3 extra hands would be perfect.

Message me in the way you know how if you can make it out.

FYI…thinking/planning a big new build in MOC the week of July 4th or 11th. Major extension to Broken Link. Interested in digging some dirt and creating? Let me know and we’ll set up dates accordingly. 🙂

Sat ride 1:30 MOC…and preride with Caledon Cycling!

June 23rd, 2022 by in Everything

Hi all, TVG will be riding at 1:30 on Saturday. Hot day but we have the river for after…or even before and after!

Caledon Cycling Club is riding at 10am from MOC Saturday as well. They are looking for “ride leaders” and we are requiring someone who could lead a 20-25km, 2-2.5 our ride at an intermediate level (ie no Mossy Hills :).  ). Think MOC trails, Ridge, Lolly, Trail to Nowhere, Stick, Max kinda stuff ( I can help describe a route if required). If you are interested in a pre-ride and want to lead a group at 10am please let me know (text, e-mail, “CONTACT” tab me). The 10am start gives us enough time for a swim before the TVG 1:30 ride.

Lots of new stuff at the river….6 picnic tables, a deck and new change room by the river.  The river is sooooo good!

Going to be a great day.

To all that are in the 24 hour event….have an awesome time and enjoy the trails at Albion Hills!

MOC Sat ride 2:30. OCTRA Equestrian event at DCF 17th-20th

June 17th, 2022 by in Everything

Hi all, sorry for the last minute post. 2:30 start from MOC tomorrow.

OCTRA Equestrian event all weekend in DCF. This is a large completive event so there will be a lot of equestrians (50+) out in DCF moving at a good pace. It’s our responsibility as Cyclists to give right of way and slow down at every intersection. “Upper”  parking lot will be closed for the event. Please try and use Ralph’s trail vs going through the field.

We’ll spend most of our day on MOC trails to avoid any equestrians and give them all the space they need.

Day passes are also available at MOC if you wish to ride trails without disturbing the Equestrians.

Have a great ride!



TVG Enduro Wednesday night ride at MOC…6pm

June 14th, 2022 by in Everything

Hahaha, so yup, Enduro ride. 5 downhill runs (which does mean a little bit of climbing). We’re going to head up, maybe do a warm up on Broken Link (check out Fielding’s new solo berm work!) and Happy Trails, do Mossy Hills (check out the new 4 berm addition from the awesome crew today!), climb, Big Chill, climb, S&N trail, climb, Mega downhill, climb, then finish on Happy Hour!

Sound like fun? We think so. Sweeeeet. Nice warm night so likely a trip to the MOC river after. Come on out. This is going to be a blast.   🙂

Trail Build Tuesday @ MOC

June 12th, 2022 by in Everything

We’ve had some inspiration from Jamie for some cool improvements and reroute to spots on Mossy Hills to make that awesome trail even more awesome. So we are going out Tuesday to get them done!

If you wish to join in and help let me know. Be sure to message me or through the “CONTACT” tab as we will be doing the always talked about Maple Grove Sandwiches for lunch. No contact=no sandwich as they are custom ordered. I need to put in the order Monday morning.

Start time is 10am at the Main Lodge.

Sat Ride 11am @ MOC

June 10th, 2022 by in Everything

Working with Mother Nature this weekend puts us at an 11am start Saturday. Lots of rain lately so the trails will be amazing!!!!



Maple Grove Farm Store update

June 3rd, 2022 by in Everything

MGF is now doing 1/2 price frozen yogurt & ice cream for the month of June vs 2 for 1.


Sat Ride 2pm MOC

June 3rd, 2022 by in Everything

Beautiful day forecasted on Sat (Sunday rain) so 2pm from MOC Sat it is. Riding after the N89 trail run event is over. Pop by early if you want to be a part of the N89 buzz and cheer on runners. MOC is having a  during & post run BBQ as well.

See you there!


MOC Trail enhancement/touch up this afternoon

June 2nd, 2022 by in Everything

Heading out to MOC this afternoon to spruce up and improve some berms, clean up some lines, other fun stuff.

If you’d like to get out into the woods let me know or pop by for a 12pm start


Catch up info. MOC bike tags, Found Keys, N89 running event Sat, Equestrian Event this weekend in DCF

June 1st, 2022 by in Everything

A bunch of homework to catch up on!

First off, MOC bike tags are in. Head to MOC to pick up your Annual/Summer Pass bike tags. MOC is also  working on another fun Annual Pass member bonus so they’ll need you to get your tag ASAP. These must be displayed while riding at MOC as Staff will be checking for tags.

As an FYI, Maple Grove’s June offering to MOC Annual Club Members is 2 for 1 ice cream or frozen yogurt!!!!! Yup, for the whole month every time you visit. That’s a no brainer for $13 a month at MOC.  Haven’t joined the MOC club yet? Maybe ice cream may convince you…or a swim in the river after a ride…or the additional access to some awesome trails…

Second. A set of keys were found in the “upper” Dufferin Main tract parking area. If you lost them contact me through the “CONTACT” tab. We’d be interested in how you got home!

Third. There is a N89 running race at MOC on Saturday June 4th. The course is basically marked now as it’s similar to the Epic 8. If you are riding MOC before the weekend, you are free to go under any tape and ride as you like. The event will be from 9-1:30 so if you are out there at that time please respect the racers.  The course will be taken down within a few days.

Forth. The Chesley Equestrian club will be at DCF this weekend. This means the “upper” parking lot (field) will be reserved for them and not public access. So please park in the main parking lot. Be extremely cautious when on the trails as they cross the Equestrian Trails frequently and with all the greenery, visibility isn’t perfect. Please be courteous and respectful and remember that they have Right-of-way. I stopped by the other week to chat with them and they are an awesome group. They will only be in DCF, not MOC.

That’s it for now. I hope everyone is enjoying Spring and having fun on the trails. See you out there.


rider found!

May 27th, 2022 by in Everything

So that’s 3 TVG teams in tomorrow!!!


Epic 8 team member wanted

May 27th, 2022 by in Everything

Hi all, there is a last minute TVG team wanting to enter and is looking for a forth person. Fun team, likely 3-4 laps each. If interested contact me through the “CONTACT” tab or any other way you know how!

Trails will be mint tomorrow at MOC


EPIC 8 course

May 24th, 2022 by in Everything

Just as a head’s up, there will be more 2 track added into the course on Thursday for the actual race for “passing zones”. And the start loop will be longer. It will replace some of the singletrack but we just thought everyone would like to have more single track fun on the pre-ride!

MOC membership bike tags/Epic 8 course marked

May 23rd, 2022 by in Everything

MOC bike tags are in! Stop by and pick yours up. They will be required to be displayed on your bike (or hydration pack) while at MOC so Staff can see you are a member. Added in some more cool berms on MOC trails just for fun. Epic 8 course is discretely marked by silver (and a couple beige) arrows with EB on them so feel free to come out and pre-ride (day pass available if you don’t have a season pass).

Sunday Ride/Equestrian event at DCF (not MOC)

May 20th, 2022 by in Everything

1:30 pm Sunday ride from MOC. Rain before that so trails should be in awesome shape…nothing like freshly rained on DCF/MOC trails. Hero Dirt!

Please be aware that there is an equestrian event from the field parking area this entire weekend. As we are back to having events at DCF, when an event is booked the “field parking” is for the event only so please park in the Main parking lot. Heads up at intersections and while on the trails. Lots of Horses at anytime of day on the equestrian trails. Please respect that our equestrian friends have right of way. Lots of greenery so visibility is a bit restricted. Equestrians will be on DCF trails only, not on MOC.

Ride safely and have fun!