7 day long Trail Build at MOC…open invitation for any diggers!

MOC has committed to renting a mini skid steer for 7 straight days beginning this Thursday 27th. We are going to working on a new trail which will be called “Pump and Flow” (or maybe “Flow and Pump??) for that time. It will add approximately 1.5kms of trail to the MOC network. The first half will be open, flowy, bermy downhill section then as it flattens out to a mini set of pumps, berms, rollers and hopefully a table top or two if we think we can keep the speed up. We already have the second half cleared and ready for skid steer work and pump building. The first half is all flagged but is still at the absolute initial clearing stage.

Everyone is welcome to come out and help out and dig some dirt if they wish to help out and create a new trail. You don’t need to have any previous trail building experience. I can’t be there for all 7 days so we are hoping some others may pick up on the open dates and keep the skid steer and building going. If you wish to come out for any time at all please send me a note (with date and time availability) so we can keep everyone co-ordinated and make the best of having this awesome equipment on site.

If we get this trail done and there is time left we can move around to anywhere else on the MOC network and add in berms, pumps….whatever we wish to enhance the trails.

So hopefully we can get some folks out and make the best of the week!