About us

Team van go is comprised of a group mountain bike riders based out of Dufferin, Simcoe, Grey-Bruce and Town of Caledon  Counties.  Here, briefly is our story….

It was once said that team van go was one of the larger unorganized organization of mountain bikers.  We started as a few riders out on Wednesday night “learn to bike night” rides, our motto being “the ride is as fast as the slowest rider”.  Then as our group started growing we entered  a 24 hour race and a team name was required.  Well a bunch of us own VW buses and we all ride bikes.   We thought “team van go” would be a fun name and  had riding jerseys made  for the race.  That was 2005.  Since then we have added more VW buses to our crew as well as many more riders and continue to enter events as “team van go”.  Since 2005 we have grown up a bit and  become a little more organized.  We enjoy meeting new riders and encourage others to join us if they please. So that is basically us. And we are still doing our Wednesday night rides.


We are more than happy to have new folks come out and join us, with whatever rider level you are from advanced to beginner.  Full on racer folks may not like it, as we do enjoy stopping and helping someone conquer a log, stump, rock, stunt, or anything else mother nature can throw at us.


Keep an eye on the calender and come on out to any or all rides that are posted.