Folks that Support Us

We cannot thank people enough for supporting Team Van Go, and supporting the efforts that are put into the forest to allow us and future generations to enjoy what we have.


Elio S

Brian A

Wayne T

Roy H

Andre T

Janet & Rose

Brian K

Robert S

Jeff L (Cycling Elements)

James T

John I

Erik L

Steve V

Doug G

Ryan B

Ed & Kathy W

Stephen E

Dina & Joe L

Justin T


Glen H

David V

Scott O

Ben S

Michele S

Chris S

Jennifer & Jamie P

Derek M

Tyler, Emily, Liesje H

Johnny & Karen Y

Andy & Margaret L

Steve P

Drew M

Chris W

Kim & Tom G

Richard N

Brian G

Sarah C

John A

Paul L

Doug N

Joe S

Christopher S

Don & Wendy W

William H

Paul S

Tyler C(2)

Monica W

Lee H

Jenny WB

Brian M

Dave W

Bill S

Craig N

Ettore D

Shannon A

Barry U

Eric A

Mike H

Mike F

Andrea T

Gerald P

Matt L

Lynn D

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