August 13-14th fun bike weekend. Gravel, MTB, Race/ride, food truck, river, camping….

August 13th & 14th.

An event organized by Substance Projects which consists of a 40 or 100km ravel race/ride on the awesome gravel roads of Mulmur and/or a 30 or 60km Mountain Bike race at MOC/DCF.

Gravel Race starts and ends at Mansfield Skiways Saturday and tours the awesome backroads of Mulmur and beyond. BBQ at Mansfield Skiways during and immediately after the race. Then head over to Mansfield Outdoor Centre right across the road to soak those legs in the in the river and go for a swim. Then Food truck at 5pm at MOC and we are working on getting some live music in for some early evening entertainment around the campfires.

Mountain Bike race starts at MOC Sunday and is a 30 km single loop…no repetitive laps and loops. The 60km will be two laps of that. The course will be 95% single track as with the “Big Loop” there will be less traffic and bunching up. Good 2-track start to sort things out then a tonne of single track which still has great safe opportunities for passing. The loop will highlight some of the best trails in both MOC and Dufferin Forest and will feature a 1.3km downhill run as well as finishing on MOC’s new signature downhill finish, “Happy Hour”.  This is a Mountain bikers course!! Again, soak in the river after your race/ride and there will be a food truck there to refuel and fill you back up! This is a great way of getting a guided tour of all MOC has to offer as well as DCF.

Not done yet! There is also a category for those who want to do both days. Choose the 40km gravel/30km MTB or the 100k gravel/60km MTB options. Who will be overall King/Queen of the weekend???!!!!

Still not done….make a weekend out of it. We are working on live music/campfire for Sat night. Camping and cabins are available for rent so come up and make a night/weekend out of it and stay at MOC. Camping is $30 a night and Cabins (sleep 4-6) are $90 per night. Both offer access to washrooms and showers. To book send us a note to

Cabins and camping are mostly always available for rental throughout the summer if you ever wish to have a “biking weekend/week” based out of MOC. The trails are open 7 days a week.

If you are member of MOC (or wish to purchase a $10 day pass) and not participating in the races, feel free to make your MTB or road ride stage from MOC on Saturday and join in on the food truck and music/campfire/camp-over. Why not make MOC your destination on Saturday the 13th and enjoy a great day with the cycling community. Spend the day…ride, socialize, swim in the river, enjoy the food truck and live music & camp-out. What and awesome day!!

Come and join the “Bike-fest” 🙂

Here are links to the race details and registration: