Beer Review: Black Creek Historic Brewery – Canada 150 Best Bitter Ale

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But the real reason you are still reading this is to listen to my experiences drinking a can of Black Creek Historic Brewery’s Canada 150 Best Bitter Ale.  Would it be Brewery’s or Breweries… Regardless, to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, Black Creek released this ale.  If you click on the below website, you can read all about the brewery, the beers they offer, and just some good ole fashion reading.


Speaking of good ole fashion… That was a terrible segway… check out the below video Black Creek made with the beer making process.



Now that you have some history, on the historic brewery, we should discuss one of the beers that they actually manufacture.  The Canada 150 Best Bitter Ale.  The best part of today’s technology, is that we can take photos for visual reference, which is what you will see below.

While use said photo, we can discuss the appearance.  See if I had a laser pointer, I would be able to point to the beer as I discussed it.  But you will have to use your imagination for that one, sorry.  Once poured, you can see that there is a copper / deep amber appearance.  Unfortunately I was delayed on the photo, but there was a off white colour head, lasting a few minutes.


The smell test provide weak notes of malts, caramel and hops, nothing really over powering.  Like when you smell a very hoppy beer, you get the onslaught of hops, but with this Ale everything is very subtle.  See I was looking for the word Subtle before, but decided to go with weak, now instead of just going back and changing it, I’ve made you read my train of thoughts, you are welcome.


The most important aspect of a beer really is the taste.  If you read the last beer review you would get this next statement, the beer had a medium body again for sure.  The mouthful had a mild carbonation to it, with the tastes that I noticed being like roasted malts.  There was also a mild hoppy tone to it as well, nothing over powering, just a nice hoppy background.  I also noticed a slight caramel sweetness to it to round the whole experience off.


Overall, I was quite impressed with the Canada 150 Best Bitter Ale.  I have not had a lot of Bitter Ales in my time, but this one was just a nice mild start to finish beer.  It didn’t kick you in the mouth with overpower flavour, more just a all around enjoyable beer.  If you are not into the heavy flavoured beers, you should definitely try this one out for sure.


Overall:  4.11 out of 5

Was the beery hoppy:  Not hoppy at all, just a mild start to finish.

Would you recommend this to a friend:  Depending on who it is, if it is someone that is big into the IPA’s probably not, but someone that wants a nice all around beer then for sure.

Would you buy a case of it:  I would probably get a 6 pack for sure.  Only found singles at the LCBO.

What year was the Toonie released:  1996!  I know right, the toonie has been around for 12 years!!!!!