Beginning of Stick horse prints

If you head out on the Stick you may notice some pretty nasty hoof prints at the start. I happen to be coming out and met three equestrians head on on the bike trail. I explained I was sorry to spook them but I wasn’t expecting to see three horses on the bike trail. They were awesome…they said they didn’t know and had not been there in 8 years. I went back to the Kiosk with them explained things and gave them a map to follow. I continued my ride and actually finished at the same time they did and we chatted some more. They where honestly really sorry and I completely believe them that this was a mistake. They said it was nice that they didn’t meet an “a##hole” on the trail and I said the same about them.

So if you see the prints at the beginning, don’t be upset at the equestrians. They didn’t know they where not suppose to be there. And my lesson learned is even if you do encounter an equestrian on the trails judge them honestly if they say they didn’t know and be nice and informative.

I wish to thank those people last night for continuing to foster good user group relationships.