Caledon Cycling Club Donation

This is long overdue…

3 weeks ago I met with Mike from the Caledon Cycling Club at Albion Hills before their spring BBQ. Mike had previously contacted me regarding some equipment that the club had decided to donate to TVG.

I must put out a very large thank you out to Mike and all the members of the Caledon Cycling Club for the contribution to us. They donated a chainsaw and three weed whippers (which are set up with blades perfect for those raspberry bushes that are starting and after the “wind storm” the extra chainsaw came in handy! ) to the TVG cause of keeping the trails in the Dufferin Forest always safe and ready to ride. We are a small club with financing for our endeavours based on our generous donations so this is an amazing contribution to us. It’s ironic that we have been using our own personal chainsaws and weed whippers to do trail work so it’s nice to now have “club tools”.

So next time you see anyone out there from the Caledon Cycling Club please say thanks as this is a very major contribution to us.

Thanks to everyone at the Caledon Cycling Club!