Catch up info. MOC bike tags, Found Keys, N89 running event Sat, Equestrian Event this weekend in DCF

A bunch of homework to catch up on!

First off, MOC bike tags are in. Head to MOC to pick up your Annual/Summer Pass bike tags. MOC is also  working on another fun Annual Pass member bonus so they’ll need you to get your tag ASAP. These must be displayed while riding at MOC as Staff will be checking for tags.

As an FYI, Maple Grove’s June offering to MOC Annual Club Members is 2 for 1 ice cream or frozen yogurt!!!!! Yup, for the whole month every time you visit. That’s a no brainer for $13 a month at MOC.  Haven’t joined the MOC club yet? Maybe ice cream may convince you…or a swim in the river after a ride…or the additional access to some awesome trails…

Second. A set of keys were found in the “upper” Dufferin Main tract parking area. If you lost them contact me through the “CONTACT” tab. We’d be interested in how you got home!

Third. There is a N89 running race at MOC on Saturday June 4th. The course is basically marked now as it’s similar to the Epic 8. If you are riding MOC before the weekend, you are free to go under any tape and ride as you like. The event will be from 9-1:30 so if you are out there at that time please respect the racers.  The course will be taken down within a few days.

Forth. The Chesley Equestrian club will be at DCF this weekend. This means the “upper” parking lot (field) will be reserved for them and not public access. So please park in the main parking lot. Be extremely cautious when on the trails as they cross the Equestrian Trails frequently and with all the greenery, visibility isn’t perfect. Please be courteous and respectful and remember that they have Right-of-way. I stopped by the other week to chat with them and they are an awesome group. They will only be in DCF, not MOC.

That’s it for now. I hope everyone is enjoying Spring and having fun on the trails. See you out there.