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MOC trail build 7th, 8th reminder

July 4th, 2022 by in Everything

Hi all, just a reminder that if you are coming out for the trail build at MOC Thurs, Friday and you wish to enjoy a complimentary Maple Grove lunch then please formally let me know by the end of today. Sandwich order goes in Tues AM. Please note that verbal doesn’t count here….to remember everything requires me to have a something in text, email…etc. So if you said yup to me, you still need to to let me know formally.

Looks like awesome weather and we have a fun new toy rented to play with!!!!!


Sat ride 2pm MOC, New trail coming soon to MOC

July 1st, 2022 by in Everything

We just got over an hour of rain so trails will be in awesome shape. Heading out at 2pm tomorrow from MOC then down to the river for a post ride swim and social. What a day!

We are working on an extension to broken link next Thursday/Friday (7th, 8th) so hopefully ready to ride by next weekend. A huge thanks in advance to be big group that has offered to come out to help. MOC has invested in renting a mini skid steer for the two days of trail building so that should make things very interesting. So awesome!

Have a great long weekend wherever you travels take you.


Weds DCF log tidy up

June 26th, 2022 by in Everything

Hi Folks, I’m planning on heading out Weds the 29th at 12pm (meet at MOC) to take care of the new trees down in DCF (and one in MOC). Two of them will hopefully become log-overs and the rest cut out. I could use a few extra hands is anyone is available. Not a big trail project, just driving around and tidying up so 2-3 extra hands would be perfect.

Message me in the way you know how if you can make it out.

FYI…thinking/planning a big new build in MOC the week of July 4th or 11th. Major extension to Broken Link. Interested in digging some dirt and creating? Let me know and we’ll set up dates accordingly. 🙂

Sat ride 1:30 MOC…and preride with Caledon Cycling!

June 23rd, 2022 by in Everything

Hi all, TVG will be riding at 1:30 on Saturday. Hot day but we have the river for after…or even before and after!

Caledon Cycling Club is riding at 10am from MOC Saturday as well. They are looking for “ride leaders” and we are requiring someone who could lead a 20-25km, 2-2.5 our ride at an intermediate level (ie no Mossy Hills :).  ). Think MOC trails, Ridge, Lolly, Trail to Nowhere, Stick, Max kinda stuff ( I can help describe a route if required). If you are interested in a pre-ride and want to lead a group at 10am please let me know (text, e-mail, “CONTACT” tab me). The 10am start gives us enough time for a swim before the TVG 1:30 ride.

Lots of new stuff at the river….6 picnic tables, a deck and new change room by the river.  The river is sooooo good!

Going to be a great day.

To all that are in the 24 hour event….have an awesome time and enjoy the trails at Albion Hills!

MOC Sat ride 2:30. OCTRA Equestrian event at DCF 17th-20th

June 17th, 2022 by in Everything

Hi all, sorry for the last minute post. 2:30 start from MOC tomorrow.

OCTRA Equestrian event all weekend in DCF. This is a large completive event so there will be a lot of equestrians (50+) out in DCF moving at a good pace. It’s our responsibility as Cyclists to give right of way and slow down at every intersection. “Upper”  parking lot will be closed for the event. Please try and use Ralph’s trail vs going through the field.

We’ll spend most of our day on MOC trails to avoid any equestrians and give them all the space they need.

Day passes are also available at MOC if you wish to ride trails without disturbing the Equestrians.

Have a great ride!



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