Chesley Saddle Club event Aug. 24-27th

Hi everyone! Just a note to let everyone know that there is a Chesley Saddle Club equestrian event happening this weekend (Aug. 24-27th). They will be camped out in the field to the south. They will be using the marked equestrian trails throughout the entire Forest during all times of the day for the weekend. The cycling trail crosses the equestrian trail at several places so please exercise extreme caution at these intersections. If you are the lead rider please make it your responsibility to ensure the safety of all users and yield at these crossings. If you have a bell (personally I believe everyone should in a multi-use forest environment) give it a quick ring when approaching intersections. If you do come upon an equestrian speak up so the horse can recognize you as a person.
Please remember as cyclists we are required to give way to equestrians. As always be friendly and I would anticipate that you will be received well. Cooperation as always is the key to everyone experiencing a harmonious enjoyable day in the Forest!
Enjoy the trails, See you out there.