Dufferin Trail Conditions / Updates

As tradition, we try and post up how trail conditions are fairing with the weather, and what trails are good and what trails are not so good.  Unfortunately, that seemed all for not for a group of riders that came out Saturday during the warming part of the day, and decided that they would ride the single track and leave it rutted.


This is disappointing on so many levels.  Not just team van go, but there are countless other locals in the forest, riding, snow shoeing etc to try and maintain a set of single track that is rideable for all.  Then in one fowl swoop, it is done in by a small number of individuals, who knew all too well that the trails may be being damaged.


The worst part of all this is that it isn’t just at Dufferin where this is happening, the Don trails & HAFTA are seeing it too, and I would assume it is happening elsewhere.



The above photo is just one spot that we came across.  And to be honest the whole set of single track, other than the ridge is looking like this now.

As you can see, just a small number of people can do this, and ruin it for the lot.  This being said, once we get another snowfall, and a crew of people who all volunteer, go back out and re-groom it, as we really don’t have much of an option now for single track riding. If it was left alone on the weekend it would have frozen again and been fine to ride.

If you go out riding and notice you are leaving ruts or deep depressions, please get off the trails.  If you come across people riding on trails and they are damaging them, please tell them they are damaging the trails.

Like Red Green says, “We are all in this together”, as well as “Keep your stick on the ice”, but the first saying is much more relevant.