Help retain and enhance Dufferin Forest Trails-DC asking for feedback regarding future of Trails

Good day everyone. This note is of importance.

Dufferin County put in place a Recreation Plan 4 years ago that is up for revision. It covers topics like parking lots, etiquette, what activities can be done in which Tract, user fees and most importantly a section on Separate Trail networks for user groups.

The updated Draft Plan has been completed and is open for public consultation. I’ve attached a link to it at the end. It’s important as users of the trails to remain very involved and express our thoughts on the Draft Plan and what we would like to see in the future.

It is extremely important to please comment on section 17 which pertains to Separate Trail Networks.  The comment can be such as that you have very much appreciated the separate networks for Cyclists/Hikers & Equestrians and have found over the past 4 years the relationships between user groups has been enhanced by this. Trails in my opinion are safer, see much less erosion, have been well maintained and re-routes have been made to enhance trail safety and sustainability. I have found since its inception, separate trail networks have been a fantastic model and beneficial to all users.

Written comments can be submitted to

The deadline is August 31st.

There are also two open houses to speak to the County in person. August 4th (3pm-7pm at the Edelbrock Centre, 30 Centre St., Orangeville) and August 6th (11:00 am – 4:00 pm at the Museum of Dufferin, 936029 Airport Road at Highway 89, Mulmur).  I urge everyone to attend one or both of these and express your positive thoughts to the County.

For anyone who was present and involved 4 years ago when this plan was introduced, I don’t believe I need to stress enough the necessity of being involved, submitting your comments and attending the open houses. The County is asking for our feedback so I believe as users we should oblige and support the County in a supportive, appreciative and positive fashion.

Reading this Plan will take 10 minutes and submitting comments will only take minutes. Think of all the time you spend enjoying the trails Dufferin County offers and take a few minutes to support them.

Imagine not having them.

Here’s the Draft Plan: