July 22nd Dufferin Trails “Big Trim Day” trail clean up

We are hoping the growing season is slowing down so we are planning a big day out in DCF to do a major trim back of the trails that require it. It’s been a crazy year for things growing!

This day will require folks on a weed wacker, followed by a pruner and then a raker. We are hoping to disperse several “teams” to various areas at the same time.

MOC has been kind enough to let us use them as a launching place and given us use of their truck and equipment on top of the TVG gear. We are starting at 9am and heading out, hopefully done at 1pm when we’ll head back down to MOC for lunch and a swim at the river. You do not need to be a member of of MOC to come out…everyone is welcome. Bring your bike and head out for a ride in the afternoon!

Lunch will be provided so if you wish to attend and to have lunch you MUST contact me through the “CONTACT” tab (click here—- ( CONTACT  TAB  ) and let me know (other methods will just be too much work to keep track of). Please note if you have any thing you do not wish on your sandwich.

Should be a great day to get this all done and thanks to MOC for hosting us. Coffee will be on in the morning for everyone.

See you all there and thanks as always for helping out!