Ken’s Trail Clean up Day Nov 2

It’s most likely that the clean up day for Ken’s trail will be Nov 2nd with Nov 3rd as the “rain date”. We need to wait until the logging is officially complete and they anticipated it would be this week. I will be confirming on Friday but just wanted to get the date out so it could get into people’s calendars.

We will have great road access to the area and you will be able to have your vehicle very close by. We will be entering from the 20th sideroad and I will provide a map later with more details.

The clean up will be conducted by members of the Friends of Dufferin County Forest (FDCF). If you are not already a member of the FDCF you will be required to sign a waiver for the FDCF which I will provide.

Lunch will be provided by Team Van Go and it seemed the pizza worked well at Ralph’s trail build so we will do the same. I will ask for RSVP once we 100% sure that we are moving ahead on the 2nd.

The trail is a bit of a mess. We will unfortunately be building as much trail as we will be just cleaning. Things to bring? Rakes (both hard and fan), Shovels, Tampers and handsaws. We will have a few chainsaws on site as well and will be bringing the TVG “Gertys” as well. Please bring water, gloves and wear bright colours for visibility. The positive side is that if we get everything cleared quickly enough we can create improvements to the old trail where needed. I anticipate we will be able to get this done in the day no problem with enough hands.

Stay tuned for more details….