Ken’s trail update, Trail Clean up-rebuild tentative date, Awesome Fat Bike Project Supporters!

Busy weekend out there. The weather was great, the colours are incredible and the trails are in amazing shape (we except for Ken’s Trail).

Let’s start with Ken’s trail. Again, best avoid it. I was out there today inspecting it and it is a mess. The trail clean up will be as much building new trail as it will be “cleaning up”. The tentative date is Sat November 2nd with the 3rd be the rain date. Members of TVG will be working with the Friends of Dufferin County Forest (FDCF) to fix this up. It is not required that you be a member of TVG or the FDCF to help out but you will be required to fill our a FDCF form on the day if you are not a “Friends” member. I will have the forms for anyone that wishes to help. We will require many hands on this. The FDCF has some great support from the County to help out as well. More details as the date gets closer.

We keep inching along with the “FB Groomer Fund”. Some great $ help today from Drew M, Chris W, Kim & Tom G, Richard N & Brian G. Thanks everyone…your support is appreciated and is awesome!

Fun Fact…Horseshoe Resort has Fat Biking….$19 for a day pass. Dufferin Forest all year single track pass…$0.