Mansfield Outdoor Centre Fat Bike Invitational Day …January 4th, 2020

Remember the late 90’s when the Mansfield Outdoor Centre was open for Mountain Biking?? Would you be interested it visiting again? Do you own a Fat Bike (or know where you can borrow/rent one)?

Well the MOC is opening for an “invitational” day for Fat Biking! Saturday January 4th, 2020 from 10am-4pm.

And here is your invitation.

How it’s going to work:

You need a Fat Bike (minimum 3.8″ tires).

Parking will be by the old Mountain Bike building by the entrance.

Passes will be given out at the Field Centre at the cafeteria counter. This building is on your left on the way to the Main Lodge. There will be signs. There are washrooms/change rooms there.

$15 taxes included (cash only please).

This will include your day pass for as much riding as you can possibly do, Chilli (both veggie and non-veggie) and bread lunch and if we are lucky, brownies.

Happy hour by the fire in the Field Centre at 3pm (supplied by yourself).

As this is an invitational event it is capped at 50 people max (fire regulations in the Field Centre). Don’t delay, first come-first served.

All for $15!


That will completely depend on the weather. There may be 20 plus km’s of ski trail groomed for Fat Biking plus 18km’s of groomed FB single track mixed in. Or it could be ice, or dirt, or slush??? The way winter is who knows. No matter what it will be fun.

Seriously, ideally there will be over to 35km’s of groomed trails to get out on and explore. You can do a little or a lot, get lost, get found, come back to the Field Centre anytime & relax by the fire, warm up,  grab a snack or lunch and head back out for more. You will have all day!



You must RSVP through the TVG “Contact” Tab. Registration is capped at 50 people.  

Just send a quick note with your Name, number of people and your e-mail address. Please only RSVP if you are positive you are coming as it will be necessary to close the invite at 50 and if you no-show someone else may of been able to come. No funds are being collected until the day so we are acting on the honour system that if you RSVP you will be attending. Again, $15 (cash) gets you lots of riding, lunch a warm fireplace and you get to hang out with a great crowd of Fat Bikers.

Sound fun? I think so and a great way of starting off the New Year!