New Belgium Brewery – Fat Tire Amber Ale

Well well well, it has been quite some time since I’ve done a beer review and the weather appears to be getting nicer and nicer, why not do a full on reboot.  Why not right.  I will do the disclaimer, the reviews are 100% bias to my tastes, and preferences… Also, remember to drink responsibly and in locations where you are able to enjoy the nice smooth, cold, tasty, delicious, refreshing, delicious, drink.


With all that fun out of the way, if you have read a beer review done a while back about Fat Tire Ale, you would know that it is my all time favorite beer, by far, no comparison.  If you have not read the review before, shame… so much shame… but to refresh, you can click right here…


Or you can Click here.


Or you can read about the brewery itself here….


Now, to say there is any bias… well you may be right.  It is delicious beer..


But you can now purchase it in Ontario!!! (Insert Happy music and dancing here).  Steamwhistle Brewery is currently brewing Fat Tire for sale in Ontario.  Now I know this isn’t new news, but still.  Over the last week, I have enjoyed my fair share of Fat Tire, and really wanted to give it some time before I wrote whether it tasted the same, or not or if there were any noticeable differences.

I am quite happy to say, there is nothing different that I could tell.  It had the same smoothness, the same happiness, and really just brought back memories of trips to Arizona.  When you drink a drink that brings back memories, then it is doing its job.

The nice thing about Fat Tire to purchase at the LCBO or Beer Store is that you can get it in both bottles or tall boys.


Rating:  5 out of 5


If you read any of the above the rating doesn’t change from 5 out of glorious 5.


Get out and enjoy the ride.