New Team Van Go Jersey – For Sale!!

Good morning all,

Well the design has been completed for the 2019 Team Van Go jersey.

Below are the photos of the jersey rendering.

A big thank you to Kathy and Karen for their hard work on the design!

As you can tell the jersey has a lot of subtle ties to Ralph, a legend we all think about daily.





The jerseys are Relaxed fit, 1/4 Zipper on the front.

There are no pockets on the back.


Sizing:  Male

Johnny:  Large

Tyler: XL

Sizing:  Female

Karen: X Small

Kathy:  Medium

For sizing, we have a bunch of sample sizes, that we will bring to the rides for folks to try on.  If you have specific questions you can hit the CONTACT US button and ask away.


Deadline for Ordering the jerseys are:  November 2nd, 2018. 

Cost per Jersey:  95$ (That includes shipping and taxes)


If you order a jersey, and don’t make it to the normal Wednesday Night or Weekend Ride, when paying, just put your address, and we will have it mailed out to you!


When paying (Through Paypal) under the special instructions, please note the Qty you are ordering and the size you wish.

To order, you can Click the Donate button on the right side of the screen, or the button below, which will re-direct you to the Pay Pal Site.


Thanks again to Kathy and Karen for getting this off the ground.