Oops…forgot to post this! Day 3 on the trailer funding…plus trail update

Another great day…Ryan, Chris W, Doug N, Brent, Chris S, Derek, Jennifer & Jamie, Monica, Doug G, Grace, Stephanie & Andy all pitched in and added another $760 to our total of approx. $2400.00.

We are getting there….thanks!

Update…Don has been a leaf clearing machine! Now all the “passable” trails in Simcoe are cleared and leaf blown. There is the section that the loggers decimated that is still not clear but that’s a different day. We have opted not to leaf blow the entire DCF network this year like we did last year. The leaf coverage is minimal (gypsy moths ate it all) and leaving what is there will benefit the trails by getting ground into the sand and help stabilize the trails. Yup, sticks but that can be taken care of by picking a few up on a ride.