Sat ride 1:30 MOC…and preride with Caledon Cycling!

Hi all, TVG will be riding at 1:30 on Saturday. Hot day but we have the river for after…or even before and after!

Caledon Cycling Club is riding at 10am from MOC Saturday as well. They are looking for “ride leaders” and we are requiring someone who could lead a 20-25km, 2-2.5 our ride at an intermediate level (ie no Mossy Hills :).  ). Think MOC trails, Ridge, Lolly, Trail to Nowhere, Stick, Max kinda stuff ( I can help describe a route if required). If you are interested in a pre-ride and want to lead a group at 10am please let me know (text, e-mail, “CONTACT” tab me). The 10am start gives us enough time for a swim before the TVG 1:30 ride.

Lots of new stuff at the river….6 picnic tables, a deck and new change room by the river.  The river is sooooo good!

Going to be a great day.

To all that are in the 24 hour event….have an awesome time and enjoy the trails at Albion Hills!