Sat ride 1pm at MOC & trail report…good news :)

I had to wait until late to post up the ride based on trail conditions. Happy to say that 2 of our groomer crew (JP & DN) headed out today for a 2 person tag team 6 hour effort to groom 90% of the Fat Bike trails out there. Crazy day for them. I got out for a tour with the MOC truck and “truck groomed” the MOC blue XC ski/fat bike trail so there are two 7km “skinnies” (tire tracks) out there as well. Trails will be amazing tomorrow as temps go below zero tonight. Thanks so much for everyone who had the courtesy to hold off today and the payoff will be there tomorrow and moving forward.

TVG will be riding at 1pm tomorrow from MOC with a social by the fire at the Lodge after.

Come pick up a pass at MOC and help support all the grooming efforts!