Saturday Ride @ 1:30 @ MOC, trail conditions & MOC trail event notice

Warm weather yesterday, rain and plus temps today, sunny and plus 10 degrees tomorrow. Based on trail reports from today (I wasn’t out myself) I imagine there will be very little if any snow by the afternoon.

So skinnies??? Fat Bikes???  I’m thinking (hoping) another skinny ride :). Worst case you maybe get some wet sand on your bike. The bike wash station is still open at MOC for a rinse off after if required. I will be at MOC tomorrow morning and will try and do a late AM post on that thought. Note that the reports are coming from MOC trails only (not sure of DCF but likely similar), but you will not be damaging any trails if you head out on your skinny…

Trail event notice at MOC. Saturday Nov 26th (tomorrow).  There will be a Canicross (trail runners with dogs) trail race tomorrow starting at 9am and running until 12:30pm. There is a 5km and 10km course marked at MOC. Some trails will have caution tape across them to guide runners (it will be taken down immediately after the race). Please respect the course markings and the event participants. If you come across them while riding please let them proceed uninhibited. If possible, plan your ride after 12pm…It’s going to be a beautiful sunny afternoon and it will also give the trails more time to dry out.

So….TVG will be riding at 1:30pm Saturday. Come early and check out the race finishers. And if you like dogs you will be in heaven :).

See you tomorrow!