Saturday snowshoe, Sunday TVG…??? Depends

Hi everyone. So the snow is real…it’s here. Trails were perfect today. Now 20cm’s to pack in after tonight.

Groomer crew is set for tomorrow but snowshoe packing along the way is welcome. So for Saturday, riding will be soft/non existant and snowshoeing will help. So feel free to pop by and start SSing what you like. We will be on a continuous grooming schedule over the next two days. Hopefully by Sunday some riding. If not…more SSing!

Issue. TVG Snowdog is out of commission for 2-3 weeks (new part on order). We finally wore something out after literally 100’s of km’s of grooming over the past 4 years. So we are down to MOC’s new Snowdog (thank goodness they just acquired one!)…which is tough having one with 20cm’s of new snow. We are going to concentrate on getting a smaller loop set in then move out from there. 35km’s of single track takes 6-8 hours to do once. And once will not be enough with this new snow. We’ll start with a 10k loop at MOC then move into DCF with MOC’s Snowdog. MOC will be grooming the FB lane in the XC/FB loops with the “big groomer”.

We’ll wait until tomorrow to plan timing for the TVG group ride on Sunday at MOC until we see what happens tomorrow. Stay tuned!

In the mean time…MOC’s Annual Pass is now on sale. Limited time Early Bird special on now…Pass is in effect now until March 31, 2024 so if you don’t have a 2022-2023 pass you can start riding right away. Price? Early Bird is $120 for the entire 13 months.  This is a great way of supporting everything that is happening at MOC as well as DCF…more details on all that later. But for now…for those who already believe in supporting MOC and the community they are creating, let’s sign up for the next year this weekend. Enjoy the snow!!

Here’s how you can support: