Saturday Trail Event at MOC and Sat Ride Time

It’s looking like a great day on Saturday! It’s unbelievable how many leaves are still on the trees and how warm the next two days are going to be…and trails are awesome with the rain today!

As a heads up, there is a Five Peaks Trail run event at MOC Saturday morning. Racers should all be off course by 12-1pm.

While the trails are still open to all users, if possible as a courtesy, please try and schedule your ride from mid-day on.

Also, the last section (past new berm) of Broken Link may be closed Friday only as there is a chainsaw training course in that area. So please use Pump and Flow as an alternative.

On that note, TVG ride will start at 2pm at MOC with all the normal fun during and after the ride.

And that new berm and jump line improvement on Broken Link is packed in enough and set to rail!