Save the date… Dec 3rd for Global Fat Bike Day at MOC!

MOC is having GFBD celebrations on Dec 3rd this year so TVG will be planning their group ride that day. Time to be updated….

Info from MOC…

“Global Fat Bike Day at MOC! MOC will be hosting GFBD on Sunday Dec 3rd. This will accommodate folks celebrating on their “home trails” on Saturday then have another big community celebration on Sunday. It will also allow our bike shop teams to celebrate as they normally work Saturdays. Special $10 day passes for non-members, MOC chilli lunch (veg. option provided) and Mono Centre brewery will be on-site to provide après beverages (food and bev. for purchase). Good thing about MOC is riding will be great regardless of the weather. No fat bike? No problem..bring your skinny if there isn’t too much snow. So come join a celebration of bikes, food, brews and great community on the trails and around the fireplace at MOC!”