SSITT Saturday Important Information & County Forest Information

Hi all, As there has been some controversy recently about activity in the County Forests we have to ask everyone to understand this change of plans for the weekend and rules to be COMPLETELY respected.

First and foremost….as many of you are aware there was some attention given to the issue of open alcohol in a public space.  If you are partaking in this then you are breaking the law, no excuses, and the County has a responsibility to act on this issue.  Therefore at this time and moving forward I must ask everyone to refrain from consuming alcohol while on County property and respect this Law. It is also applicable at tomorrow’s Substance Projects event. It is to be a completely dry event. Trying to sneak one in, even in a cup and getting caught will do nothing more than cause harm to everyone who enjoys Dufferin Forest. I’ve been informed that there will be OPP present as well as our County Forest Manager for the day. So again, no alcohol and utmost respect for authorities and County Staff.

Second item: We have talked about it and due to the rain forecasted Saturday night, we are not hosting the Campout following the event. For a few different reasons, it’s best not to have it this year. We will instead be hosting a get together at the team van go club house, 8km away. It’s dry and warm. If you wish to head to the club house it’s bring-your-own-snacks and beverages. Maybe we can organize a BBQ (I only have a bus size one)? If you wish to camp out, no problem, that’s available as well. Just so we know numbers, if you want to stay the night, please contact me through the CONTACT tab or directly.

Thank you for your understanding and respect for the issues. It is very important to support the requirements of the law, Council and Staff as we can never lose sight of the fact that it is an absolute privilege and not a right to be able to enjoy such an amazing forest.

See you out there, Johnny