Sunday in Dufferin

We are planning an “outing” at 1pm this afternoon. Lots of new snow…seems Mother Nature is enjoying herself in challenging our determination to keep trails groomed!

I was out yesterday and the trails were ridable in the morning and got more difficult as the snow continued to accumulate. Steve has reported in that one groomer is at the Ridge-lollypop intersection.  So a plan for today could be to split up…One group snowshoe and groom from parking lot an another attempt the ride out to the lollypop groomer and snowshoe and groom from there, then ride back.  It will all depend on who comes out and how conditions are. So bring yourself, your snowshoes and your bike if you feel like a challenge (and a back pack for your snowshoes).

No matter what you choose, it is absolutely beautiful out there with the fresh snow! Come out and enjoy the day.