Sunday Ride 1pm @ MOC. MOC and DCF trail updates. Upcoming MOC events

Another lovely weekend ahead! It’s November right?

1pm ride time start time at MOC. Don’t forget time change on Sat night.

Mansfield Outdoor Centre will be leaf blowing all their trails Friday morning as they have two running events coming up soon and need to have them cleaned up for that. Check the races out! Canicross is trail running with dogs and our own Kathy is putting on a Chill Session of N89 trail run as well. Nice part is that the trails will be awesome for riding as well! 🙂

Canicross: Nov 26th. feel free to show up and spectate. This is cool. Runners racing with their dogs tethered to them. Over 40 dogs should be there for the day.

North 89  (N89): Dec 3rd. Another awesome event put on by N89 after the great success at MOC with the summer trail running event. 5km, 10km and a kids race! Why not join in and run one more race before 2023?! This will be a beautiful run. And great food and breweries on site!

As per normal, Dufferin Forest will get leaf blown in the spring with a big group volunteer effort heading out with vehicles, people and equipment, and many blowers to do a big clean up. Clearing leaves, trimming back raspberries, pruning, removing winter debris and cleaning up after the final logging section to the east. A tonne of work but we always seem to get a great team of volunteers out to help. We normally get this all done in one very big day. Thanks to everyone who cleaned up the stick after the logging…so awesome. They started logging the east section (3 trails effected) but then left for the Fall. They are coming back in the Spring to finish the logging on those three trail sections…keep an eye out for all the trees with pink paint on them 🙁 . They are all being taken out still. Clean up will follow the completion of the logging.

That’s it for now. Hope everyone is enjoying this amazing weather and come out and ride skinnies in shorts while you can!