Sunday Ride, MOC Trail Build Report Day 1

Sunday ride will be at 2pm at MOC. Some rain hopefully on Saturday so trails should be awesome!

Day 1 of 7 on new trail build at MOC. Bobcat Toolcat and Skid Steer in full action…as well as awesome “People Power”! No messing around…this is fun, serious building :). The team did a great job on day 1 and achieved a lot. Crew back in tomorrow to hopefully begin adding berms and fun stuff. We’ll be out for the next 7 days (except Funday, Sunday) working away. There will be a fun digging session on Saturday from 10AM-2PM as well if anyone would like to help out. We’ll be pushing hard Monday to Wednesday 9 to 5 pm as well so any extra help would be welcomed. Everyone is welcome. Just drop me a note so MOC can have lunch for you.

These are great days to enjoy the river at MOC after a build day or ride! (that was my actual post trail build recovery spot today…so good).

Thanks so much for the crew that came out today to help add in trails that everyone will enjoy for a lifetime.