Team Van Go annual Insurance and Waivers

Hi All,
Another year has come and gone, and it’s time to fill out those pesky waivers. They are a requirement from our insurance company and only need to be done once a year. Here is a link to the waiver:

They are required by anyone partaking in any Team Van Go events. Please be sure to fill them out completely as some have come to me incomplete in the past. You can e-mail them to me or give them to me in person.

It has been quite a year since May 2018. Trails are all now marked & mapped, Trailforks is up to date. Hill Trail, Max Trail, Ridge Connector, Ridge/H2i and Trail to Somewhere have all been added to the map. The Ralph’s Trail build was a complete success with 50 amazing TVG’ers and a few of our equestrian friends working hard to complete this trail in one day. It adds in just under 1km of a very challenging trail to build and a trail completely different than anything else in the Forest…so awesome! During the winter our ambitious (and hard working) Fat Biking community kept 16km of single track groomed for riding which was super fun to ride. The Friends of Dufferin County Forests was formed and there are 25+ cyclists volunteering their time to the County for trail maintenance and general Forest tasks.  A great show of respect and appreciation for our County by having our members give back and show we are willing to put in the work required to have the privilege of playing in the County Forests and we don’t just take things for granted.

The equestrian community also added 10 more km’s of trail to their trail network and we continue to work together to enhance everyone’s experience. Sue and I spoke at the Mountain Bike Summit in November about multiuse forest management practices and success.  We also presented at the Simcoe County Forest permit holder meeting during the winter.

There are lots of fun things on the go for 2019 coming up. The club has one very ambitious idea/requirement for 2019…stay tuned for that. It will require funding way over and above our normal donations and will likely require some fund raising projects! We are planning on changing some of the cycling\equestrian intersections to improve safety. I’ll be looking for some help with this coming up. The changes will be completed under County supervision and advisement.

If you feel you would like to donate funds to help contribute to the costs of running the club and help fund trail build days and trail maintenance here’s how you can do it!
Over to the right, you will see the icon below. If you click it you will be re-directed to our Paypal Account. As always we do not impose a membership fee on our members so we rely completely on donations to keep doing what we do.

Any amount at all is appreciated and 100% of your donations go directly back into the trails…

Thank you and see you on the trails!