Team Van Go…insurance and waiver time. 2019 recap

Hi everyone.

I hope everyone is staying well and finding ways to responsibility enjoy the outdoors during these times. I realize it seems like a strange thing to discuss insurance and waiver requirements as all our “local trails” are still closed but May is still May and our insurance fees are due.

As with every year Team Van Go renews it’s insurance policy which provides us with the insurance we require to hold Land Use Agreements and cover the Club for liability.

The annual donation funds (as we don’t mandate a membership fee and our local trails are all free to ride) we receive help pay for that insurance, purchase any “trail tools” we may need, provide fuel for our equipment, and most importantly feed volunteers. Last year alone TVG ordered over 30 pizza’s for the major trail build days! We have no paid members or “administrative fees”. Everything goes back into the trails.

What did 2019 bring? It was a very busy year. During the beginning of 2019 our ambitious Fat Bike crew continued to snowshoe and pull tires around to keep 15km’s of single track open for Fat Biking. In the early Spring we constructed “Ralph’s Trail”…Over 50 people volunteered that day to take on the very ambitious project of constructing Ralph’s Trail in one day. Unbelievable! This trail is unlike anything else in DCF. Next, a small crew of us worked away and added in the “Max Connector” and the “Max Extension” trails. These trails were added with the intent of having an “easier” loop and set of trails to encourage newer riders. Summer went by with only normal on going trail maintenance being done. Then the logging in the Fall happened on Ken’s/Steve’s trail. The complete section of trail on the NE corner was gone and not passable and in most places, not recognizable. We designed a new trail then over 30 people came out (TVG-ers, local residents, our equestrian friends) on a cold November day and worked incredibly hard for their pizza and completed an awesome one day reconstruction. Again, amazing.

Winter came and an incentive to up our Fat Bike game was initiated. We had a Groomer fund raiser and raised enough funds from the generous contributions of many, to purchased a groomer for the Fat Bike trails. With the help of an amazing volunteer groomer crew we kept 18km’s of pure single track open for Fat Biking. This changed everything…the trails where absolutely amazingly packed and winter rides became an absolute single track experience. We also kept 2-4 km’s of groomed “walking trails” open for hikers and dog walkers. We co-hosted a “Fat Bike Day” at Mansfield Outer Centre and had over 65 people enjoying the trails of MOC, a fireplace and Rob’s great chilli. Hopefully some neat stuff coming next winter…stay tuned for that.

All the mentioned news above could only of happened with the wonderful co-operation of Dufferin County and County Staff. We can’t thank them enough for the privilege of being able to enjoy this Forest and the great formation of “The Friends of Dufferin County Forests” (FDCF) as a work and maintenance group.

So having said all that, we’ll see what 2020 brings. There are some great things in the works!! If you feel like supporting all our efforts we would appreciate any donations of any amount. Every little bit helps.

If you wish to contribute please hit the “Donate Tab” in the right column—–> that will direct you to PayPal where you can help support us.

For anyone who wishes to join in on group rides you do require an insurance waiver. You only are required to do this once a year. Please fill one out and pass it on to me in person or by e-mail (  Here is a link to the form:

Thank you to everyone who has supported us in the past and has believed in and appreciated what we do. We definitely have a wonderful group of people and a fantastic local place to enjoy. I hope to see you all soon!

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