Team Van Go Local Food Bank Fund Raiser

Hi everyone. During my quite times my hamster is still normally spinning and I get ideas in my head.

I was thinking about what we as a cycling community could do during these times. We live in an awesome area and community that gives us so much variety of everything we could possibility want. Trails, Forests, rivers, restaurants and local friendly businesses and well as a host of fantastic people I get to call my friends. Many people from outside our area also are able to share our experiences.

I started to think about how we had such an incredible winter Fat Bike season and how amazing and generous our cycling community was with the fund raising for the groomer. That groomer completely changed our winter experience. That fund raiser gave me an idea.

We are set up well to easily receive donations through our “Donate” button on the right —->>>. I need to give some credit here…this idea was sort of inspired by Dan Marshal from Substance Projects (cycling event organizer) as years ago at his races he encouraged everyone to bring something for a Food Bank donation bin he had set up at the venue. He would then donate the proceeds to the local food bank in the community where the race was being held. Amazing idea! So I thought why not as a cycling community give something back to the area that brings us so much joy, happiness and personal solace?

I thought I’d give this a go in hope and see what happens. Every little bit counts and donations of any amount will all go directly to the Orangeville Food Bank that services our area.

If you would like to provide support just click the DONATE button and you will be directed to Pay Pal. Please put in a note that this is for the food bank.

Please share this post on various social media pages and if you have any comments that may help please send them my way as I’m open to suggestions.

Our Community thanks you. Stay safe and healthy.