The “Max Connection” (MC) Trail, a.k.a the AWOL trail.

We have now completed another trail build. This trail will now replace a section of the “hill bypass trail” that takes you to the start of the Max Trail. As you start the HBPT keep an eye to your left and you will see a new trail entrance as you start down the double track. It’s all single track now to the beginning of the Max Trail. It can also be used on the way out to avoid the last long gradual double track out…now it’s gradual uphill single track! If you are doing the Hill Trail now once you finish at the double track head left up the gradual 2 track climb and hook right into the MC trail to the Max trail. More single track=more fun.

A much smaller group on this build. Thanks to Shawna, Andy, Chris W and Chris S for their help. A special thanks goes to Fred and the crew of staff and students from the Pine River Institute (AWOL was their idea) that came out today to help. We never would of finished this up today without your help. You all did an amazing job and you should be proud of your hard work today. It will be amazing for you to know that endless people will now enjoy what you helped to create for many years. Thank you. You’re awesome! Now you get to ride it!

The trail is just completed so it will still be a bit soft but it will set in quickly with riding and some rain. The MC trail was designed as an “easy-intermediate trail”…no roots, open flowy corners, go-arounds for every log over and gradual short climbs. It will be a great trail for beginners and young ones that need a shorter ride. It is 1.2km’s long and can be ridden both ways.

We continue to add to the trail network in DCF and we have more builds approved by Dufferin County Council still to do. This can only happen due to the generosity of folks that enjoy the trails and through the donations we receive to keep us insured, fuelled up and the purchase and maintenance of equipment that allows us to create trails. Thank you for your continued support of what we do.

Here’s the MC trail last Thursday…only 6 days ago!

Enjoy! J 🙂