Time for a bunch of FYI’s and updating….

First off, overdue, but thank you again for everyone that came out on the FDCF DCF clean up day. We got all remaining trees removed and finished up from where we left off in the Fall and leaf blew the rest of the DCF network. A great day!

And to add to the cleaned up trails….thanks to Brian and Wayne (part of “The Honda Guys”) for a crazy 9.5 hour Seven Sisters marathon clean up on the Simcoe side! They weed wacked and leaf blew the 7 Sisters trail in one day…Thanks from all of us!

So now between MOC, DCF and the Simcoe trails my guess we are pushing 65km’s (or more?) of maintained singletrack all in one connected network!

Starting beginning of June, all MOC pass holders will be treated to new trail builds starting and continuing throughout the summer as well a skills park at the MOC Main Lodge. The first trail build is almost all marked and will be called “Pump and Flow”…you can guess why. “Papa’s Path” will be next and will contain wooden features scattered along the way. The river is now set for swimming after your ride (Do you have a dog? Great place for your pooch to cool down after a ride!). MOC plans on a continuous project of adding new trails.

And on new trail build notes, it should be noted that the County of Dufferin has had a memorandum passed by Council for the past two years stating no new trails to be built in DCF. Just in case you are wondering why there hasn’t’t been any further building in DCF.

MOC Annual Facility Passes are still on sale for $120 (includes full use of the facility except for XC skiing) and the sale ends May 31st. It’s worth noting that MOC has been a major supporter of TVG in every way (including financial) for the work we do in DCF (I think of the TVG liability insurance policy premium we just paid. It is required to conduct work in DCF as well as covers the insurance requirements for grooming Fat Bike trails in both the Main Tract and Mono Tract). So the point is, the purchase of a MOC pass directly supports all the trails in DCF. For more info on MOC or to support and purchase and Annual Pass head here:https://mansfieldoutdoorcentre.ca/

This Thursday (May 18th) MOC will be doing a top-to bottom refresh of Happy Hour and if time, maybe a berm build on Happy Trail P1. Start time is 11am at MOC.

Three Stages. We’ve all heard the news. Let’s do what we can to help out. Please see below from the CORC website and how to help. Hopefully through a collective voice we can make a difference.

That’s all for now! See everyone out there.

“Pretty River (3-Stage) Trail Closures Update

From Peter Glassford – President of CORC

By now most members have seen the signs and changes to the 3-stage network that Ontario Parks has instituted. I, and the rest of the directors, share your frustration. We are feeling the changes in our own rides and also in the pressure to address this while making sure our 2023 plans for trails and events are not side-tracked.

CORC does not manage 3 Stage trails (or any public trails) at this time, but it is possible this will change as we continue dialogue with Parks Ontario. The goal would be to avoid further closures ( a real risk) and looking towards the possibility of future MTB trail development, with support from Parks Ontario. We are working to develop an advocacy committee to take the lead on this long-term challenge and make it into a great opportunity (more below).

CORC directors (and past presidents) have been swamped with emails/texts/calls about 3-Stage. While they appreciate hearing from you, they have asked that I communicate a couple of ways for you to voice your concerns in a way that will establish the size of our community and the concerns we all have.

Things Members Can Do:

Things CORC is doing via our Directors and Active Volunteers/Members:

  • CORC will continue dialogue with Parks Ontario – Should any updates to the situation become available we will share.
  • CORC will provide an opportunity to meet and talk to a member of the Ontario Parks staff at the Bike Bazaar on Saturday May 27 – this is to be confirmed.
  • We are suggesting that Ontario Parks host a ‘town hall’ style meeting where members can voice concerns and ask questions.
  • We are planning an IMBA visit in June – this is mostly focused on trail work and training for our trail team but will include advocacy and planning advice.
  • Further development and meeting of an advocacy committee composed of concerned CORC members. My hope is that this group will produce a member or two who will become a representative for the CORC community as we work towards an agreeable solution for the future of 3-stage with Parks Ontario. If you have time and/or skills that would help the process and would like to get involved please feel free to reply to this email and/or use the volunteer form below”