Trail Conditions (Skinnies??) & New Mansfield Outdoor Centre pass now available

Hi everyone. Mansfield Outdoor Centre now has released their new revised pass offerings for 2022-2023.

The “Annual Trail Pass” provides access to MOC from April 1 2022 to March 31 2023 and covers everything “trail” related except for XC skiing. There will be an “add on” in the Fall for pass holders.

You can Hike, Trail Run, MTB Bike, Fat Bike, Snowshoe…and enjoy the river for a swim and have a picnic lunch after your outing in the summer and enjoy the fireplace in the winter. Safe, secure, plowed parking, access to the Main Lodge “Lounge/Coliseum” and washroom/change room facilities all year.

Are you a Gravel or Road rider? With your pass you can also stage your gravel/road ride from MOC and head out into the Hills of Mulmur for some awesome road km’s. Then on your return, go for a swim, have a picnic and utilize the washrooms.

It gets better. The Annual Pass provides an extensive list of Community Partnerships for local, independent businesses and they are all offering different perks for being a member.  They are all listed on the MOC website as well as details on the pass.

The Annual Pass is $13.30 plus tax a month. That includes everything listed above (just not XC skiing). Head to the MOC website and check it out. There are lots of great plans at MOC including new trail builds all ready flagged out.

Now more great news, from what I’ve seen and now heard, MOC (they are all good there now) and DCF (still some snow/ice soft spots, so maybe wait until Sunday) are good to go for skinnies!! Still some clean up required on the “Northern” section of DCF but we’re getting to that soon. JP raked a bunch today!

It should also be noted that MOC has been a tremendous help to TVG. They funded in entirety the winter grooming, fuel and maintenance of the snowdog for both MOC and DCF. They provided their truck and bobcat to help clean up after the windstorms in DCF. Based on the support of MOC for DCF trails, I really do encourage folks to consider purchasing a pass at MOC this year and support what they are attempting to grow. We are lucky to have the ability to continue to build new and exciting trails at MOC as Dufferin is currently not permitting any new trail builds in DCF. MOC is trying to build a base for the cycling and trail community to gather, enjoy trails and build community ties with businesses and each other. I hope you find it’s something you will choose to support and help grow.

See you on the trails! On SKINNIES!!!!!!