Trail Conditions/Sunday Ride

Lots of folks checking in about trail conditions which is great that everyone is expressing concern regarding trail damage.

Good news!

I was out Friday night for a run to check out the trails. The “South Side” (trails to the south of the main east-west fire road from the parking lot). Hill Trail, Ridge Connector, Ridge, Stick and Lollypop, Trail to no-where & Wheel Hill are all good to go for skinny tires. A few soft spots but nothing to be concerned about. The “North Side” should be good by next week…still some ice and more soft stuff on that side (thanks to Chris for his scouting yesterday on the North side) so why not avoid that for one more week (or at least fat bike only) as there is still lots of trail to ride.

So Wednesday Night rides can start up for skinny bikes as well this week.

A Sunday Ride will be on the go staring at 2pm.

Enjoy the trails and looking forward to seeing everyone out there.