Trail Update-another 5 hour tag-team effort!

The groomer crew (T2 & D) got out today for another 5 hour tag-team effort. Everything is freshly groomed. 18kms of single track and 10km’s of adventure trails. Cold tonight with some fresh snow will make the trails awesome tomorrow. Could the first person out please remove the “cone” and clear the entrance to the trails. Anyone with proper trail sense and judgement can move the cone on or off.

Unfortunately some people couldn’t wait until tomorrow….

Nice..these tracks will be frozen in tonight.

On anther “etiquette” note, if you can’t make it up a hill, please don’t walk on the groomed trail if possible. Please walk to the side. There were a number of people walking up the hills on the weekend (and today) which chews up the trail quite badly. The groomer crew and other riders would appreciate it. Thanks!

Enjoy tomorrow…