Trail update Feb 25th

I had a chance to check out the trails today. All in pretty good shape. Surprisingly still some ruts showing through in places even after multiple groomer passes.
I finished my ride and it was -2 degrees. The trails were already starting to soften up with the sun on them. The ridge trail was already going to mush. The AT trails seemed to stand up better.
So trails are still too soft for skinnies or plus bikes so please fat bikes only.
Tomorrow morning (Friday) looks good but based on the hourly temps the weekend is going to likely be a no go. It’s cold at night but by 9-10am it’s already going to be plus 2 degrees. If we get through this weekend without trashing the trails then next week may be better. Look behind you..1/2 depression/rut=stop riding. Don’t rut trails…don’t be a nimby!