Trailer Funding Drive Goal Achieved…and then some!


We had a busy few days. Eric & Shawna, a group donation from Chris and the Staff at Mansfield Skiways, Karen, Ann, Michael, John, Dean, Mark, Rodrigo, Isabel, Donna, Michael, Richard, Wendy, Nicola & Sean, Andrew, Louis and  Steve all flooded in donations to more than get us to our target.

We are now actually over what we had set out to raise. The extra funds will be put to good use. We had not factored in $ for things like shelving, equipment hooks, cabinets, storage boxes & organizers, “trailer security” (locks and GPS locater) and we want to build a workstation in the V-nose for equipment service. We also want to professionally “sticker” the trailer which we can now afford to do and we can now also add in the 6″ extended height which will be greatly appreciated by everyone over 5’11” !  This trailer will be everything it needs to be and will most certainly make everything we do much more efficient.

If anyone is still interested in donating, there are always other options we can continue to add.

This was the collective effort of over 90 people, two Bike Shops, and members from other Clubs (thanks to the members of SCMBC, Caledon Cycle, CORC and others…). Thank you all so much for believing and supporting what we strive to do. We are very flattered to have this much support from our community and a heartfelt “Thank you” goes out to everyone of you.  The trailer is now on order and as it’s a custom build should be here by early summer.

This has been a dream of ours for years.