Trailer Funding Update & Trail Info Update

In the last few days Zach, Jim and David have donated as well as Jeff from Cycling Elements and Kris from Kamikaze Bikes. We are now within $1800 of our goal. What a great accomplishment in under two weeks.

We are so lucky to have the support from our local shops. I can’t say enough about how lucky we are as Cyclists to have such excellent service available to us.  I have known both of them for some time and I encourage everyone to support them as they are awesome. And most of all, be patient with them. Jeff said it very well in his “interview with himself” that they are going to be facing all sorts of challenges and are doing the best they can.

Trail Update…I got out today and removed three trees that were a hazard so we are all good for the weekend. I also modified the go-around…the root section on Ken’s Trail between the two big pines. There now is a proper way around if you don’t enjoy the roots. Busy day!!!