Triple Crown 2019-Date update!—-June 15th

The Triple Crown Event will be happening Sat June 15th this year. I had previously posted it was on the 22nd. Good news is that it now does not conflict with the 24 hour race at Albion.  More info will come down the road but I just wanted to get the date out there for everyone. Start looking for your team partners!

See below for event description. Please pass this along and post it where you like. Thanks!


Here is a description of the event…
The premise of the race is that it’s going to be a three event relay. The events are going to be a 15km mountain bike loop which will then pass off to a runner to complete a 10 km trail run then passing off to an equestrian who will complete a 10km loop. The bike and running course will both be on single track and the equestrian loop will be on the marked equestrian trails. Now the fun part…in competitive equine events the clock doesn’t stop when you cross the finish line. Your horse’s heart rate is monitored and has to recover down to a set B.P.M., then the clock stops. So the biker and runner have to remain with the equestrian and assist in de-tacking and cooling down (forgive me if my terminology is not correct, but you get the idea!) the horse as a team. The “trot out” will then be attempted by either the runner or the biker! Rankings will be based on the teams combined time.
If you wish to form a team of people you know, include a team name and the other names of the people on your team (or partial team) and we will try and fill in the blanks the best we can.
Don’t know others to form a team but want to do one of the three events? No problem. Anyone needing team member(s) will be assigned teammates based on the reception of their entry fee and registration form. The sooner you sign up, the more likely you will get a teammate. If we run out of potential team combinations and you were a later registrant then you will have your entry fee reimbursed. OCTRA has the campout field secured for the weekend so you can camp if you want or just stick around for a campfire for a bit.