TVG Global Fat Bike ride @ MOC-10am start

Mansfield Outdoor Centre is all set for Global Fat Bike Day. They will be celebrating on  Sunday, Dec 4th (there is a N89 running race on Saturday). Trails are open 9am-5pm.

Day passes available for non-winter/annual pass holders.

Maple Grove chili and sourdough bun for purchase ($12 incl tax). Vegetarian options available. (11:30am-3pm).

GoodLot will be on site to provide complimentary samples of their beers.(11:30am-4:30pm)

(Lunch and samples while supplies last).

TVG will be starting their ride at 10am and be back in time for lunch and samples :).

Inside and outside fires will be on to warm up and enjoy.

There is not really any snow to speak of so you can also bring your skinny bike if you do not have a Fat Bike.

It’s expected that there will be 75-100 Fat bikes out that day so come on out at anytime and enjoy the day.