Weds Night Trail Report

Understandably a small turnout tonight but the Weds ride night tradition is still alive! Shawna rode and Max and I ran (taking a couple rides off).  We were going to head out on the snowmobile trail but ended up riding/running out and back on the stick.  Not a killer long ride, but enough to count.  The snowmobile trail is in excellent condition as is the 3-4 km of single track. The loggers have also just cleared a few sections of double track which is also in great shape.  Where the TVG FBL has been walked or snowshoed on is also good.  A few snowmobilers have gone off trail on those tracks are not bad as well.  Definitely lots of options! We decided to cheers remotely from in front of our respective fireplaces…Cheers!

Rider: Shawna

Runner: Johnny

Dog: Max