Weds ride? MOC memberships up to date? & 15% discount info

At the moment (but that can change) it’s looking like quite a bit of rain tomorrow and into the early evening. We can still get in a hike & social if anyone wishes. We could also do a “mini-dig” if anyone was interested…I know Andy K has his eye on something. Up to the gang and no need to decide until tomorrow, but regardless we can get out for a bit to do something active and have a social after.

Is everyone up to date with their 2024-25 MOC memberships? Last years has now expired. And a reminder about the 15% TVG Club Affiliation Program to receive 15% off a MOC Membership! Contact me if you require more info on this and how to receive it. This C.A.P. has been extended and supported by over a dozen of other Clubs so check with the local club you support to receive your discount code.