Weds ride report-special mention

Had a good gang out tonight, 18 folks in all.  Trails were in excellent shape everywhere we went.  I want to take a second to commend Dan from Substance Projects.  He is holding a race (the H2i, I highly recommend it!) at Dufferin on Saturday.

Last Friday we got a bunch of wet, heavy snow and some high winds.  Before Friday the trails were in perfect shape thanks to the efforts of everyone who uses the Forest quietly doing their part in an incredible community of “trail fairies”. You rarely saw anyone out there but the trails somehow continued to get better and better. Then Friday happened…lots of trees down, debris and tree limbs were plentiful everywhere.  Since then Dan has put in hours and hours by himself during the week to do an incredible job re-cleaning pretty much all the single track. He was coming out of the Forest in the dark tonight at 8:30.  There are still a few trees to go which based on his determination will be taken care of by Saturday. Please understand that I realize that all the “trail fairies” are also hard at work, they always are but I think all of us should commend Dan on his dedication as an event organizer. If you haven’t done one of his events you should try one out, they are unique and always a lot of fun.

So if you are questing the conditions for the weekend, there is no need to do so.  The trails are in great condition and waiting for you.