Weds Ride/Trail Report

So some team van snowshoers (Karen and Jenny) got out Weds morning and put in an impressive snowshoe to try and help repair the damage done on the weekend. They covered the ridge connection section, 3/4 of the ridge, the west half of the lollypop and the stick with the groomer. Thanks ladies for your work!

That gave us an opportunity for a great ride Weds night. We rode the ridge connection and ridge trail which was in very good shape. Then we did the “east” half of the lollypop to see how it would go. Ridable, but rutted and annoying. Kept going around the “west” side that had been snowshoed…better but still some ruts. We avoided the stick as Karen had said it was in the worst shape and they had just pulled the groomer along it.

So it’s great that there is some more snow in the forecast to help rebuild the trail. After it snows anyone that wishes could go for a snowshoe pulling the groomer. The stick and lollypop are the main areas. You can just do as much as you like and leave the groomer wherever you wish. It’s tough to bike with the groomer right now as the track is not deep enough and it will leave the trail whenever you pick up speed, wrap around a tree and pull you off your bike. You can also ride to where the groomer is, leave your bike, snowshoe a bit and ride back. There are lots of winter riders enjoying the trail so if we all help out we can get the rest of the trail back to it’s original condition.

If you leave the groomer out there, please let me know where it is so I can post the location of them. Right now they are both at the ridge turn off on the stick at the beginning of the trails.

Thanks and have fun!