Weekend Ride Posted – Andy Bday ride

Well as in tradition, if you tell us you have a birthday coming up, we will try and plan a birthday ride in your honor.


This weekend is Andy’s birthday, and as such, the ride has been posted.  With Andy turning the big 55, we look back in history…..


For folks that want to have a quick game, guess which of the following was invented before or after Andy was born…  Answers are below

  1. The Cassette
  2. The Compact Disc
  3. Smoke Detector
  4. ATM Machine
  5. Cellphone
  6. Super glue

In 1962: (thanks to Wikipedia, because well I sure as heck wasn’t born in 1962…)


This has been your history lesson….







  1. Before
  2. After
  3. After
  4. After
  5. After
  6. Before