XC Marathon Series: Homage to Ice

Well it is that time of year again, and the racing for 2018 begins.

As always we start with the XC Marathon series hosted by Substance Projects, the Homage to Ice, running at the Dufferin Forest.

Why would you race it you ask, well there are many reasons to.  I have listed them in order by number below….

  1. Because you get to ride your bike in Dufferin Forest, with orange arrows everywhere, and you wont in theory get lost!
  2. Because you will have fun
  3. Because of reason number 2
  4. Because it is an amazing atmosphere and you meet and see alot of new and old friends.
  5. Because Dan, Ron, Florance and the girls doing the timing booth make it so much fun.
  6. Because of reason number 2
  7. Because you get to ride your bike.


That should be enough reasons to do it.

How long is the race, well based on the website approx 1.5hr for half marathon.




How do I go about registering for the amazing event?



Early bird registration closes April 10th, so that is coming up fast.


Still not sure.  Take a read on the old articles we had posted up from years past.


Homage to Ice Recap – Team Colin